Foundered by Jessie as a result of constant frustration from bodysuits and "Alternative" lingerie never being able to fit her body shape.. so now she makes her own and wants to share this with other women. 

Jessie-May Lingerie celebrates women as a whole: mind, body and soul. We create made-to-order lingerie and swimwear for all shapes and sizes. With a network of creative women across Manchester, we bring you concept-based collections, aiming to empower you and each other.

Each stitch is sewn with feminine energy by Jessie, who has been sewing for 9 years and makes sure your underwear is of a quality fit for you queens. Fabrics are carefully selected so you can feel sexy and sultry ... but also comfy! 

A percentage from sales will always go to a selected charity which supports women, either locally or globally. We aim to elevate women everywhere and believe in equality, diversity and empowerment. The more we connect our female energy, the more powerful we become. 

Be unapologetically YOU.